Monday, January 23, 2017

Digital Leadership Results

I feel that I provided evidence for each of the 5 digital leadership criteria. I am especially proud of my evidence for addressing social equality where I shared information about the wage gap between men and women in America by state, because this is a subject I am very passionate about.
 I wish I had empowered more people and if I did this project again I would focus more on this evidence because I only had one tweet about it and I probably could have done more.
I am proud of my eye contact in my presentation but could have spoken louder. I was challenged by the due date because I like to procrastinate so I made sure to get something new done each time we had time in class.
I felt the platform I used was a success. I have a personal instagram account so I feel like this experience helped me in this project.

I felt this part of the rubric was my greatest strength. I provided convincing evidence that I addressed an important societal equality. I think being passionate about this subject helped it to be one of my strengths.

I felt evidence 2 was my greatest weakness. As you can see there is not much to it besides this one tweet. I feel like i could have done more to show myself empowering others with no voice.

The whole point of this project was to prove That I have become a digital leader. 22 out of 23 judges said I had accomplished this goal and I felt that was a success.  
 2 pieces of advice I would offer to other looking to become digital leaders are be conscientious of what you post and do your best to stay positive online.
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

If someone saw my social media platforms they would probably categorize me as either a upstander or a bystander. My instagram is mainly just pictures of me and my activities and does not serve much of a purpose in the whole cyber bulling scheme of things. There are no negative posts but there are also no posts trying to make a difference or support others.
My twitter shows me as more of an upstander. I tweet positive and helpful messages.

If I could not personally stand up to a bully I would report their social media account if their negative actions are present there. When you report an account the platform reviews their account to see if they agree with you accusation and if they do they will take actions against the account. The user doesn't find out who reported them. Also I would tell an adult I trust to help with the problem.

If I was being bullied I would probably be more offended by people not standing up for me than the bullies original comments. If someone doesn't like me then that is there opinion and it does not have much of an affect on me but if people I'm friends with let that person say bad things about me I would feel betrayed.
Friends are supposed to support you and I would hope that they would not allow others to say negative or false statements about me.

In some states there are laws were cyberbullies can be persecuted for their actions, I feel this should apply to pepetuaters but not bystanders. Although it is wrong to see bullying and not step up and help it is not fair to persecute these people. Not everyone has the courage or the motivation to help others and because they are not doing anything to worsen the situation no legal actions should be pursued. On the other hand a perpetrator is continuing the bullying and worsening the situation and should be seen on the same plane as cyberbullies.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Discover the Extension You Are Missing Out On!!!

Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube is an extension I got from the chrome store. From the name you may have already been able to tell that it's purpose is to provide an ad free viewing experience on YouTube. In the review below I'm going to rate it in five different categories each out of four stars.

Appearance: 3 stars
 I am only reviewing the appearance of the icon because as an adblocking extension is gets the job done and otherwise goes unnoticed. The graphics on the icon have soft edges that are a bit faded but that could have been the look that was intended.The red on the arrows is a nice contrast to the white. Although the design is clean and basic it is nothing that really stands out.
The image above is a screenshot from the chrome web store.

Engagement: Four stars
The app made watching youtube videos a lot more enjoyable. Without adds my viewing process was faster, and there were less distractions.

User Friendly: Four stars
This extension was extremely easy to use after downloading it from the chrome store it was already in action by the time I got to YouTube. No extra effort required!

Performance: Four stars
So far I have only had completely positive experiences using this extension. Ads no longer appear on the viewing screen for the videos. This extension has created no problems whatsoever it has been a great help in saving me time and the frustration of having to close and skip multiple advertisements.

Differentiation in Learning: Four stars
It is only realistic to say that to watch the videos I want I would sit through a few seconds of unnecessary advertisement videos. However without the ads I am able to see the content I wanted to see without the extra stress and distraction. I can see this benefiting not only students but also teachers as this prevents the ads so they no longer have to freeze the screen and wait to show the desired material. The app is not customizable but I don't feel that it would have made a difference in this case in regards to learning experience.

Overall:19/20-Four stars
The highlight of this extension is being able to watch YouTube videos without the annoying ads. Not having the ads definitely makes the experience more pleasurable. A small handful of other users have said that this extension slows down the loading speed of their videos. If there had a low point it be this, although I personally did not notice this difference while using the extension.



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Google Results of Myself

1. I might not find anything because i'm not very active on social media.
2. I do gymnastics so maybe results from competitions.
3. Soccer photos

When I google searched myself as I predicted I didn't find very much. Although there seems to be many Mackenzie Bennetts out in the world. The only results I found that related to me were a link to my Instagram that contained a link to my vsco, my snapchat username, and the rest of my instagram bio.The instagram link didn't contain any pictures other than my profile picture because the account is private. On google images I found my instagram profile picture. I was fine with these results because nothing came up that was to private but i was still out there. With the number of people that have the same name as me it made me realize how many people are really out in the world.